Electricity and Industry

Simulation for Electricity:

The electricity industry includes many jobs and operations. The repair and maintenance is very complicated, the working environment is very dangerous. There are also numerous and valuable machines that are difficult to make available for repeated practice. Ensuring the safety of the operation network, the maintenance, installation, troubleshooting and operation activities must comply with strict labor safety regulations.

Many items, machines, and stages need a good operational training process. But the problem is that there is not enough time, enough machines to practice the staff practice. Expensive machines, equipment, or dangerous situations cannot be put into practice for beginners to practice without mastering skills.

With 3D simulation technology, it will help to reproduce and accurately simulate equipment and machines. The situational work for the practice and practice of skills for employees.

VR technology allows students to interact, practice in virtualized environments. A great combination of virtual reality and 3D simulation technology to create training simulation systems for the electrical industry.

Simulation systems can be used in the electrical industry:

Thermal power / hydroelectric power plant operation training simulation.

Simulate training on operation, installation and repair of electricity networks.

Simulation installation, operation and repair of transformer stations.

Technical training simulation for assembly and repair of electrical equipment.

Simulations for industrial chains, machines and plants:

In a factory, the production lines are sometimes always operating non-stop, the operation must be continuous. Operators must be thoroughly trained in what they will do, while it is impossible to put on the running line to try and practice.

Simulate the chain, its activities as well as the tasks of the operators in any stage. From these simulation systems will create simulation labs that make training easy and best.

Similar to the simulation of chains, industrial machinery and equipment, the function of operation as well as the way of operating, assembling, repairing and troubleshooting is essential to have a good practice. At that time, actual machine conditions do not allow. Building solutions Simulation is a reasonable solution, in accordance with technology trends, with the highest efficiency.

Opportunities for simulation systems for Electricity and Industry:

With the advantage of new technology, easy access to students as well as teachers. The way to deploy is easy and especially the high economic efficiency that it brings. The trend of technological innovation in staff training. As well as the need for digital transformation in the current digital transformation.

Virtual reality 3D VR simulation systems are promising. Serve training and training for the Electricity industry and various industrial plants.