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Virtual reality simulation in education

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Virtual reality VR simulation in education

In student training, subjects of practice, such as biology, chemistry, and physics are. Subjects require laboratories and tools, tools, and chemicals to practice regularly. The costs incurred for the practice are high, the safety level for the practice is not yet met, leading to dangerous accidents. Or practice situations are not diverse for students yet. The ability that students have access to and practice many times is not. Applying technology saves resources, is less cumbersome, and is more civilized and effective.

Virtual practice room for biology:

The application of virtual reality simulation in education is the key to solving problems that exist about practice, experience in education, save costs, improve training quality, and reduce maximum reinforcement costs. multi-ability approach to practice. Build a virtual practice system that allows students to self-manipulate and operate according to the basic content. Such content will accumulate as a full library over time.

Simulation in practice Chemistry

The practice of chemistry is a stinging problem that has existed for many years. The schools can afford to spend a lot of money to buy chemicals and laboratories. The result is not satisfactory because chemicals and tools are not enough for students to do by themselves, but there is only one way the whole class observes the teacher. The problem related to fire safety when it becomes chemical. The teacher cannot manage all the activities of the whole class during practice, so it can lead to dangerous accidents for the students. That is not to mention the schools do not have the funds for shopping.

Virtual practice room for chemistry:

Building a Virtual Reality Lab for chemistry practice is a great solution. Scenarios, substances, tools are modeled in virtual space – 3D space. Virtual Reality VR interactive programming makes the practice more realistic. Thus, students are no longer in danger when performing hands-on experiments. Secondly, with 3D simulation technology, each student can practice by himself, do experiments according to the program many times to be mature without additional costs. Chemical reaction experiments will not use real chemicals or solutions. Effects and phenomena are simulated for real, once constructed and can be used forever.

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Practice simulation of Physics

he practice of physics so far has been hardly done. Mainly studying vegetarianism and recognizing the results without doing the practices. The limited fees are not enough to buy equipment and instruments for practical practice. Building a Physics Laboratory is not feasible, the main reason is its budget and efficiency.

Building virtual practice rooms for physics :,

The digitization of materials, equipment, tools and the construction of a Physics Laboratory in VR simulation environment is a new direction. Deploying virtual labs for physics is both inexpensive and easy to deploy, and students can easily access and learn. Improve the status of vegetarian studies, improve the quality of teaching.

Real-life content, reusable, and the ability to save individual student assessment results is another advantage of virtual reality simulation technology for physics. The access and practice easily help students grasp knowledge faster and understand more deeply. Deploying a virtual lab is simple as well, much less expensive.

Practical simulation of Biology

Practice on 3D model with application in Virtual Lab:

Practice simulation for biology is the real need of 3D simulation technology, virtual reality VR. Augmented reality AR, mixed reality MR. So far empirical practice in biology has been facing many major problems. In fact the practice is almost zero because of economic conditions.

The surgeries will no longer be as dull, causing fear in the students as before. All practice will be done through simulation so the approach will be very easy. Higher than that, medical students will have the opportunity to contact and practice their skills. Learning, access and practice is the best way for students to master knowledge as much as possible. The skills of practice and manipulation will be a solid foundation for development. Practice in biology, solving problems in simulation environment Virtual reality 3D VR is seen as a new step. Is a change in how to implement experiential education in the future.

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Experimental simulation, Natural Science

Natural science is a rather interesting subject to help students discover natural phenomena, phenomena, and scientific topics. Up to now, teaching and learning mainly through books, pictures, and 2D videos only provide basic information, a little knowledge and illustration for these contents.

Learn and experience with Simulation Technology:

With current 3D-3D space simulation technology. The scientific phenomena can be reproduced, reconstructed in detail with a 3D simulation product. Natural phenomena, science will be present right in real space anytime, anywhere as desired. Not only that, with the presence of VR technology – AR technology and MR Mixed Reality will be a full complement to a simulation program in Natural Science.

Through programming, events and phenomena will be able to take place in detail, in 3D environment. In that Lab simulation, teachers and learners will be able to observe in detail and thoroughly under all angles, all distances and even interact directly through the support devices in the lips. That 3D-virtual field without any danger like the real phenomenon.

Virtual reality technology and simulation development direction of Experimental Education:

All are virtualized into 3D virtual practice rooms in virtual labs under standard scenarios. The detailed work to support teaching research, experience, and practice of natural sciences. Reduce the status of down-to-earth learning, study vegetarian without the practice part. That is the development trend of the education industry in the new era. With new technologies supporting the development of Experimental Education in the coming time.

Simulation- Virtual reality VR 3D

Simulation system for education:

Applying new technologies to building content for education such as 3D Simulation. VR, AR. MR mixed reality has gradually created new content. The new teaching method is more effective, in line with the trend. Real virtual labs, virtual laboratories, applications that experience natural phenomena. Science subjects will improve student quality through hands-on sessions. Virtual experiences to gradually advance to experiential education programs in recent times. It will help learning and practice go together without any barriers like before. The educational age of new technology opens up many new directions. Apply the latest technologies to improve and improve the quality of teaching and learning. With the clear goal of being more economical, and more efficient. That change, creative application is the best way to improve education today.

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