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Simulation in military and security training

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Military / security simulation

In the military field, practice and practice in lesson plans are very important,

Soldiers and soldiers have been trained and trained in a completely different way. Methods and experience up to now have been agglomerated and yielded relatively good results. The parts related to weapons, weapons, and machines, too, try to overcome the shortage to achieve an acceptable result. The big problem is that these things do not always have enough equipment for practice, especially weapons, context. The situational environment needs to be more flexible for solving practice. Not to mention dangerous cases involving weapons, or practice of bombing. Fight in dangerous and complex chemical and biological weapons environments.

Expensive systems like rockets, skins, tanks, cannons, warships, submarines. We don’t have regular access to the practice. The exposure and approach to practice are very limited. In addition, the practice of joint combat exercises and joint tactics requires the coordination between different types of vehicles, operating groups, and units.

Demand for using simulation systems in the Army:

Currently, there are many countries that have built vr simulation systems for different professional training: the US military builds virtual reality simulations for Navy training. The submarine training virtual reality simulation system. The training systems for sailors and surface warships in a variety of military strategies. The system of training tanks, missiles, or coordinating combat, clearing bombs …

Simulation in security:

As in the military, so is security training, practice, and drills. Situations, environments, need manipulation, practice are great. Meanwhile, the reality of equipment, tools and schools cannot satisfy enough. That is why virtual reality VR 3D simulation is the best choice.

Military training simulation, professional training for police soldiers is an inevitable trend. The application of innovative technology in practice. Digital transformation in training soldiers and security personnel is not to be missed nowadays. The investment of money, labor, but brings high efficiency and long-term but effective. More important is finding partners capable of implementing the above content.