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Oil industry

The oil and gas industry has the following specific stages:

“Oil and gas exploration. Oil and gas exploration. Transportation and petrochemical refining”

All of those stages are very complicated processes, with many equipment. The facilities, the attached systems, along with the huge management and operation team. The workforce is highly skilled.

With Oil and Gas Exploration Stage:

It is extremely difficult and expensive to move to the points to be visited by, drilling and measuring. Cost, equipment is complex, requiring an efficient, streamlined and professional operation team.

To have a team that meets the requirements requires good training. Practicing, practicing many times is like in the field. That cannot be done on real equipment, practicing in the Lab room is the best way today. Operations, data collection, control of equipment, machinery and equipment. All will be digitized in 3D with the help of VR technology

The same goes for Oil and Gas Exploitation:

Mining can be in the sea or in the desert with difficult conditions. The control and operation of machinery and equipment in service of exploitation. Maintenance and repair of equipment, pipes, import and export products … All operations and operations of this stage must be accurate and professional. In addition to each person, each group doing its own good, the task of coordinating the teams is common. Success will be a collective operation of the team.

Laboratory system for practice, operation, control and repair in oil and gas exploitation was born. Allowing practice will be essential and in line with current technology trends. Innovating the training and practice methods to create the best quality staff. Workers cannot go to the rig to learn directly for various reasons. Now you can learn directly on the virtual reality simulation system vr 3d.

Oil and gas transportation:

The oil and gas transport work also requires a virtual reality 3D VR simulation system for training. Allows practice of complex steps, requiring high precision and professionalism.

Train oil tanker driver training, repair and operate systems and components on oil tanker.

Training and operating oil transportation pipeline system.

Troubleshooting training in the fastest way.

Or training labor safety, fire prevention.

All can digitize, simulate 3D, Virtual Reality for the best employee training.

Oil factory :

In the oil refinery, there are many giant factories, subdivisions, lines and machines. The steps need to be practiced many times, especially the dangerous ones, need to be precise. Digitalizing, using VR / AR technology to train new employees will optimize cost and quality.

The training content, practice will become a script that allows implementation in the practice room focus (LAB simulation, practice). With the direct guidance of the tour guide with real-life interactions. Learners can practice interacting like real situations. In addition, it is possible to integrate the assessment and classification of students on that LAB system.