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Vocational training with Simulation

With the goal of converting the number of Vocational training in Vietnam as well as in the region. We are a pioneer in applying the latest technologies to improve quality. Innovating ways to make it simple, effective and minimize costs. Responding to the trend of innovation and application of technology 4.0 for vocational training. Practice your profession according to government guidelines. The 3D simulation technology and VR Virtual Reality will create ideal learning systems and practices for learners. Since then, he can overcome the situation of studying downward, studying vegetarian, not being able to practice, not mastering the skills to perfect his career skills.

Specializes in simulation for vocational training:

Proud to be a leader in the development of simulation systems. Integrate and complete the content according to each field, unit or specific content. We are contributing to the digital transformation, changing the way of learning, how to teach more effectively in the Vocational training field compared to the traditional way of learning.

With the trend of applying new technologies to transform the way of many countries around the world. Vocational training has brought many positive results and signals. Those important technologies cannot help but mention the following names:

2D / 3D Simulation Technology:

For modeling, creating detailed environments to build and practice. For teaching and practicing

Virtual Reality Technology – VR:

Interaction, practice, and experiences in rehabilitated environments and vocational training lessons.

Virtual reality augmented reality technology:

Implement interactively, practice, and experience in the recovery environment on mobile devices such as Smartphone, Ipad, Tabet ..

Virtual Reality Mixed MR:

In order to deploy the simulation content on the MR goggles environment. Popular as Microsoft MR Hololens or Magic Leap and MR glasses of other brands …

Besides, there is Information technology, the system to integrate for Vocational Training. Combining content, courses, equipment, environment to form a complete solution, easy to deploy and use, popular in Training.

Expert simulation systems for vocational training, Practice