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Virtual reality simulation projects in education and training

In student training, the subjects of practice, such as biology, chemistry, and physics are subjects that need laboratories and tools, tools, and chemicals to practice regularly. The costs incurred for the practice are high, the safety level for the practice is not yet met, leading to dangerous accidents. Or the practical situations are not diverse for students, the ability that students can approach and practice many times is not available.

The application of virtual reality simulation in education is the key to solving problems that exist about practice, experience in education, save costs, improve training quality, and reduce maximum reinforcement costs. multi-ability approach to practice.

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Simulation of virtual reality in professional practice, high service

In environments where tools and machines are inadequate, space is limited due to inaccessible practical conditions, or the cost is too high such as in car and ship vocational training. oil and gas, aviation services, hydroelectricity, thermal power or high-tech production lines. In industries with dangerous environments such as nuclear power, high-tech production lines are strictly monitored …

Virtual reality simulation projects are the best technology solutions available today for training, practice to improve quality, and reduce costs, especially in line with current technology trends to bring highest efficiency. Technology and how to do it: the best solution for vocational training today.

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Simulate 3D virtual reality in the field of military and security

In the military field, soldiers and soldiers are trained and trained completely differently, as are weapons, weapons, and machines. The problem is not always enough for them to practice, especially the context, the environment needs to be more flexible for the practice of those situations. Not to mention the dangerous cases related to weapons and weapons such as practice in bomb disposal, or in dangerous chemical or biological environments.

Expensive systems such as rockets, skins, tanks, artillery, warships, submarines… are inaccessible for practice. In addition, the practice of joint combat exercises, common tactics need coordination between the above units together.

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3D virtual reality simulation project for Ships and Battleships

In the shipbuilding industry such as cargo ships, oil ships, blue beams …, the training and guidance of watercraft practice encounter many difficulties. When students finish learning the theory, they cannot practice, operate and coordinate between groups on real devices.

Building 3D virtual reality simulation system is the optimal solution that allows learners to practice right in the Lab quickly and effectively, with a variety of scenarios, scenarios, each crew member, or even crew. contract simultaneously in a specific space or situation.

In addition to training for ships, in general, the training and operation of modules on warships, marine police ships, public service ships, and tactical exercises in cooperation.

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Virtual reality systems in oil and gas exploration and exploitation

With the characteristics of oil and gas exploration and exploitation industry, travel and practice are very limited, while workers and engineers are required to achieve proficiency, almost absolute precision, to limit and avoid mistakes that lead to serious consequences.

For easy training and practice, creating LAB rooms for skills and professional manipulation is a great choice. Save costs, improve training efficiency, and ensure diverse practice conditions, complete situations for practice, handled with the supervision of instructors.

Building a 3D virtual reality simulation system is the optimal choice for the oil and gas exploration and exploitation industry in the digital transformation era.

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Virtual Reality System for Electricity and Industry

Regularly contacting and working in new dangerous environments, including works such as operating, repairing and installing in transformer stations, transmission lines, repairing frequent incidents.

The equipment does not have enough, or cannot practice off-grid situations in operation, or cannot generate fault situations by itself for handling practice. Therefore, the skills and fluency of the staff cannot be met. Not to mention, such as hydroelectric turbines, boilers of thermal power plants, the opportunity to contact and operate, treatment practice is almost zero.

Building simulation systems for teaching, practicing and operating is a good solution to bring efficiency to the electricity, industry industrys for training and practice..

3D simulation and VR / AR / MR virtual reality technology:

It is a huge technological step forward in making products that are more complete Simulation systems, very real and true to the desired scenario. With the now popular 3D technology, the systems will be simulated in the most detailed and vivid detail. Virtual reality VR technology helps to use and practice on simulation products and systems accurately, attractively and visually improve the learning, practice, and save time and costs. .

For professions such as Education, training; Training, vocational training and professional practice, operating skills, manipulation in complex environments, limited real conditions, difficult movements to access equipment …

With 3D Virtual environment and VR technology to help students immerse themselves, immerse themselves in the desired environment and manipulate the existing scenarios. Besides the content, the scripting, technology and additional hardware accessories in VR / AR / MR will help smooth operations, feel more real when practicing. The synchronization of solutions, content, equipment and deployment will determine the success level of the current Virtual Reality 3D simulation project.

Virtual Reality Simulator VR 3D Company:

Pioneering in the application of 3D Simulation Technology combined with VR, AR and MR mixed reality for specialized systems and solutions for learning, practice, today’s best interactive, experience. Being the first unit to deploy virtual reality solutions for simulation projects to domestic and international customers. With a team of experienced technicians working in the field of the first and oldest virtual reality simulation in Vietnam and in the region.

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No. 1 expert in VR 3D Virtual Reality Simulation in the fields of:

We are No. 1 in 3D simulation technology. With the No. 1 advantage in VR / AR / MR virtual reality technology. With Applications specializing in on-demand simulation solutions implemented: Virtual VR 3D simulation systems for education and training. Virtual Reality VR 3D simulation for Vocational and Career Skills. Or VR 3D virtual reality simulation systems in the military, the army, the border army for training. Virtual reality 3D VR simulation systems in Security and police to improve the way of practice and practice. VR / AR simulation system for training sailors, warships, cargo ships, barbs to improve the quality of sailors, operation.

In Industry and mining:

For Oil and Gas Industry Simulation system, practice in the industry of exploration and exploitation. The contents of practice, training and operation of the electricity industry, hydroelectric plants, thermal power. Simulate training and operation of Lines, Machinery in factories, complex industries, or Simulate functions and utilities of key construction projects with VR and AR in the construction and architecture industries …